The Quran  A New Translation   BY M A S ABDEL HALEEM

The Quran A New Translation BY M A S ABDEL HALEEM

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Read Your Lord is the Most Bountiful one who taught by the pen ,who taught man what he did not know .

The Qur’an is undoubtedly the best book as it is the word of Allah the Most High that He revealed to His Final Messenger ﷺ. The Qur’an itself cannot be reviewed in such a manner as this however I wanted to write a short review of this translation which brought light into my life as it aided in me in my journey to striving to become a better Muslim. A journey that I am still on.

This translation offers a comprehensible, clear and easy way to read the Qur’an’s translation in English. Each chapter has a short summary before of the surah which aids in seeking knowledge and understanding the main themes of the chapter you will read.

In this day and age, when words are misconstrued intentionally or the English for other translations are difficult to understand for the average reader, this book provides us with a much needed simple translation. Due to this I have recommended this translation to those wanting to learn more about Islam, those who would like to read the Qur’an easily and everyone that I cross paths with.