Ten Women of Paradise

Ten Women of Paradise

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A woman comes in a man's life first as his mother in whose womb he is born. The mother nurses him and admittedly gives the primary lesson to her lap, which is in fact academic in his life. The mother imbued with religious spirit is more likely to bring up children with similar attitude in this worldly life. And, of course, for all this ... the son's Paradise is placed at the feet of the mother.

When she comes as a wife, she gives peace and pleasure to her husband and inspires his life into action. And only an upright woman can take four persons - her father, the husband, the eldest brother and the eldest son - to Paradise by leading a righteous life, while the unrighteous life of another woman will lead them to suffer the woeful scourge of the hell-fire.

The Prophetic traditions declare both men and women, the Righteous Companions (Sahabah al-Kiram) as the fixed stars in the sky - whom those who follow will surely enter Paradise, for Allah, The Almighty, is ''well pleased with them, and they are with Him.'' The Qur'an and the Prophetic traditions also call Asiya the wife of Pharaoh, and Maryam bint Imran as owning special honour to Allah, the Exalted, both of whom will be married to the Beloved Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, in Paradise. Therefore, I thought it wise to write on ten selected women, coming from all strata of life considering their roles in Islam & their sacrifices and services, so that women of our time are inspired to lead their worldly life towards the road to Paradise.--- Mohammad H.R.Talukdar.

''A Woman whose husband is pleased
With her at the time of her death
Goes straight into Paradise.''


  • • Asiya bint Muzahim (The wife of Pharaoh who brought up Musa Alaihissalam)

  • • Maryam bint Imran (The Mother of Isa Alaihissalam)

  • • Khadija bint Khuaylid (Wife of our Prophet)

  • • Fatimah bint Muhammad

  • • Barakah

  • • A'ishah bint Abu Bakr

  • • Zaynab bint Jahsh

  • • Ramlah Bint Abu Sufyan

  • • Asma Bint Abu Bakr

  • • Rumaysa Bint Milhan