MINI Mindful Muslims Activity cards

MINI Mindful Muslims Activity cards

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Introducing Mini Mindful Muslims, the first kind of Islamic mindfulness activity deck for mini muslims! Make the day more mindful from the morning to night time! 

Our cards are separated colour coded 3 categories, designed to fit into each part of the day. The activities help children to learn about: * The world around them through being 'in the moment' * Their thoughts and feelings, and how to manage them appropriately * A range of relaxation techniques 

Beautifully full colour illustrations on both sides of the card and easy instructions, these cards provide fun for each practise for your child or even yourself! 

What's in the pack? - Beautifully illustrated double sided pack of 25 cards - Information Booklet with information on mindfulness and references - Colour coded 3 sections 

  • CALM rest & relax 
  • FOCUS & awareness 
  • POSITIVITY & kindness 

Clear easy to follow instructions to guide you through each practise which come with all its brilliant benefits for the whole family!


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