Listening to the Qur'an: Insights, Commands, and Guidance for Our Life

Listening to the Qur'an: Insights, Commands, and Guidance for Our Life

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Reflections on a selection of Quranic ayahs as to how they relate to our life today.

While our devotion to the Words of Allah is unsurpassed, as shown yearly by the taraweeh prayers alone, our devotion to the Message of Allah requires more. We need to understand and reflect on the wisdom and commands contained in the Divine Words so that we are truly listening to them and not just hearing them. That is the basic idea behind this book. A few ayahs were selected from every night's recitation to reflect on their message as it relates to our life and our challenges today. As a result here are about 150 ayahs that deal with most of the important issues we face.

Listening to the Quran means actively seeking guidance for our individual and collective life. It means developing a personal relationship with theQuran, and through that with Allah Most High. It means reflecting on the Quranic message and on our own situation. Where do we stand? Where should we be going? How does the Word of Allah relate to our world? These reflections may stimulate our thinking, and our action. Not only during Ramadan but all year long.


Khalid Baig has brilliantly put together such a book that motivates one to dive even deeper in search of the hidden treasures that will lead us to our ultimate goals: happiness and success, in this life and the Hereafter. This book amazingly aids in achieving this desired reflective state.

I truly enjoyed reading these reflections during Ramadan. The selection of ayahs and relevant topics makes it even more appealing and beneficial.

Sheikh Burhaan Mehtar

Secretary Imams Council, Perth, Western Australia


  • Cover: Paperback

  • Author: Khalid Baig

  • Publisher: Open Mind Press

  • Pages: 209

  • Size: 21.5 cm 14 cm

  • Weight: 280(Gram)