Dr. Amani Mugasa and 1 more

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Dr. Amani Mugasa and 1 more My Baba's House

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When a child loses a parent, it leaves a large void that is filled with many questions. This book provides a gentle introduction to opening up the discussion about death and what it means from an Islamic perspective. Journal pages have been included at the end as a means to encourage children to express their own thoughts and feelings through writing or drawing.

About the Author

Amani Mugasa is a British Author of mixed Ugandan and English heritage. She was born and raised in the ‘Potteries’, a Staffordshire city otherwise known as Stoke-on-Trent. She later moved to Glasgow in Scotland, to pursue a career in Medicine, where she currently resides with her husband and two children. Amani has a special interest in public health and is involved in activism and charity work to this end. In her spare time, Amani enjoys being creative whether it is arts and crafts or writing stories and poems. She is most passionate about literature dedicated to children, and her first publication is a poem dedicated to her son’s close friend, who sadly lost his father. The hope is that this book will go on to be a comfort for other children who have also experienced the great loss of a parent. Amani aspires to continue creating books that will address significant issues that impact children’s lives, that have been overlooked by the Islamic literary world so far.

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