Ascent to Felicity | al-Shurunbulali

Ascent to Felicity | al-Shurunbulali

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Written by the eminent 11th century Hanafi scholar, Abu ’l-Ikhlas al-Shurunbulali, Ascent to Felicity is

A concise yet comprehensive primer in creed and Hanafi jurisprudence.
It spans all five pillars of Islam,
as well as the topics of slaughtering, ritual sacrifice, and hunting.
To supplement the text, the translator has added key explanatory notes taken from several reliable works on theology and jurisprudence. He has also added appendices that comprise numerous supplications related to the five pillars, presented in Arabic script along with English transliteration, as well as the etiquette of visiting the Messenger of Allâh (Allah bless him and grant him peace) in Madina.
Table of contents

About the Author Imam Shurunbulali

The author is Abu al-Ikhlas al-Hasan b. `Ammar b. `Ali b. Yusuf Shurunbulali he was born in in 994 A/H. He became a master of jurisprudence at the hands of Abdullah al-Nahriri and Muhammad al-Mahby. He studied at the prestigious seat of learning, al-Azhar, Cairo, under the patronage of some of the most eminent scholars of his time. He himself later became a scholar of great repute and a copious writer, whose works exceed fifty in number. The Shaykh passed away in 1069AH

Maraqi'l Sa'adat
Ascent to Felicity
A Classical Manual on Islamic Creed and Hanafi Jurispudence
Abu'l- Ikhlas al- Shurunbulali (Author of Nur al-Idah: The Light of Clarification)
Translated from the Arabic with Notes and Appendices By Faraz A Khan
Paperback 224 Pages
Published By White Thread Press